Pushing your Spoonie Self

This poxy diagnosis (I don’t want to say my illness, my disability, because then I feel like I give it power) takes a LOT of getting used to (if you ever do).


Its our 5th year

And I am organising a gala – Free for all the charities we have helped & the celebrities we have had along with us.. Its so hard, not only because of lack of funds, BUT because some days I’m in no fit state to organise the making of a cup of coffee, let alone a…

Could’ve been written by me

Full credit to http://fibrowomen.com/my-mom-has-fibromyalgia-reading-this-made-me-cry-for-her/ Chronic pain is increasingly rampant today. However, chronic pain and chronic diseases are often invisible. In many cases there are no plasters, visible rashes or nasal discharge involved. Those who suffer from chronic pain often appear “normal”, perhaps a little more fragile or sad than average. I suffered from chronic headaches…